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Discover the Best Allergy Testing and Treatment in the Texas Panhandle

With allergies affecting at least 30% of the population and posing a significant challenge to health systems worldwide, understanding and managing allergic diseases has never been more critical. Where can I find the best allergy testing near me?

The Lukner Medical Clinic, PLLC Allergy Clinic uses the most advanced and precise method to identify triggers, paving the way for personalized treatment and better control of allergy symptoms.

Given the rising prevalence of allergic diseases, leveraging advanced techniques like RAST testing, prick testing, and exploring options with a trusted doctor https://www.luknermed.com/ to evaluate and treat your allergies near me -- right here in the Texas Panhandle. This is not something that is simply nice to have nearby. It becomes essential for those suffering from hay fever, dermatitis, and other allergic reactions.

Understanding Allergy Testing

Understanding the process and preparation for allergy testing is crucial for a comprehensive allergen management plan. Before undergoing skin testing, individuals  should:

1. Preparation and Medication Considerations

  • Provide a detailed list of all prescription and over-the-counter medications or supplements being taken. 
  • Cease the consumption of antihistamines several days before testing to ensure accurate results. 
  • Avoid certain medications, including beta blockers, for conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and glaucoma. 

2. Testing Procedure:

  • An initial control test confirms the skin's appropriate response.
  • The procedure involves introducing an allergen into the patient's arm and observing the reaction. It typically takes 1-2 hours to complete.
  • Allergy testing can include skin prick and intradermal testing to identify specific allergens.

3. Pre-Testing Guidelines:

  • Stop specific medications.
  • Shave the upper outer side of the right arm and inner forearms one day before testing.
  • For four hours before the appointment, refrain from consuming caffeinated beverages, showering, applying perfumes or scented products, and using tobacco products.

This structured approach ensures the accuracy and effectiveness of allergy testing, paving the way for personalized treatment plans.

Choosing the Right Allergy Treatment

After identifying allergens through testing, choosing the right treatment is crucial for managing allergies effectively. Treatments vary based on the type and severity of allergies: 

4. Allergen Immunotherapy (AIT)

  • Allergy Shots (SCIT): are the most effective form of AIT, involving injections of allergens in increasing doses to build tolerance. 
  • Allergy Drops (SLIT): A needle-free option, these drops are placed under the tongue and offer several advantages, including convenience and less frequent doctor visits. 
  • Selection Criteria: AIT is recommended for those selectively sensitive to several allergens based on allergy testing results. 

5. Over the Counter (OTC) Remedies

  • Antihistamines: Cetirizine, Fexofenadine, Loratadine.
  • Corticosteroid Nasal Sprays: Fluticasone propionate, Budesonide, Triamcinolone.
  • Additional Options: Cromolyn sodium nasal spray, Oral decongestants like  Pseudoephedrine. 
  • Note: OTC medications can control symptoms, but consult an allergist if they're ineffective. 

6. Emergency and Specialized Treatments

Starting treatment early, even at the onset of allergy season,
https://www.flonase.com/allergies/allergy-management-tips/, can significantly improve quality of life and reduce symptoms. 

Why Choose Lukner Medical Clinic PLLC Allergy Testing and Treatment

Choosing Lukner Medical Clinic PLLC for allergy testing and treatment offers numerous  advantages:

These attributes, coupled with the clinic's positive reviews and its strategic location in the  Texas Panhandle, make it a preferred choice for individuals seeking reliable and compassionate allergy care.

Living Better with Allergies

Living with allergies necessitates a proactive approach to minimize exposure to allergens and manage symptoms effectively. Here are practical steps to create an allergy-friendly  environment:

Implementing these strategies can significantly improve the quality of life for individuals with allergies, allowing them to navigate daily activities with fewer disruptions from allergy symptoms.


Successfully managing allergies involves thoroughly understanding testing methods and available treatment options. Choosing the right medical professional for allergy 

management is crucial because of the personalized approach to identifying allergens and developing a treatment plan. Precise testing and informed treatment selection can improve the quality of life for people with allergies, a crucial step in managing allergens effectively. 

Lukner Medical Clinic PLLC stands out as a beacon of hope for people living with allergies in the Texas Panhandle. The clinic offers comprehensive treatment, and Dr. Ralf Lukner’s vast expertise and wide range of care options offer hope for those struggling with allergic conditions. Take the step to schedule your Allergy Evaluation with Dr. Lukner today and reclaim your life from allergies.



What is the Most Reliable Method for Allergy Testing?

The skin test stands out as the most trusted method utilized by professional allergists for its accuracy. In certain cases, blood tests may also be administered. Selecting the appropriate test is crucial for facilitating the diagnostic process effectively.


Which Allergy Test Offers the Quickest and Most Accurate Results?

Skin tests are recognized for their precision and cost-effectiveness in confirming allergens.  The Skin Prick Test (SPT) is particularly noted for being straightforward, safe, and rapid,  delivering results within 15-20 minutes.


Who Should You Consult for Allergy Diagnoses and Treatments?

For issues related to allergies, an allergist is your go-to specialist. Allergists are physicians with specialized training in diagnosing and treating asthma and other allergic conditions,  equipped to identify the triggers of allergies and asthma.